Updated Changelog Interface

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In 2018 we introduced a changelog feature to our website pages so we could easily convey changes to you. This has not only been a big hit but it has garnered us some praise because we deployed it on more than just feature pages like the Customer Dashboard but also on our pricing, privacy, terms of service and GDPR pages.

We did this because it adds transparency. When there is a ledger that details what was altered you can monitor and question us about the changes. We feel this feature is very important which is why today we've enhanced it to make it both easier to read and faster to browse.

Image description Above is the new changelog v2 interface which is now live across all our pages and as you can see it's colour coded. We now list new features in green, changes to existing features in blue and fixes in purple. We've also added some icons to the side which are more for fun than functionality. The new interface uses our updated interface guidelines that we've been adjusting the site to meet over the past several months.

With this transition we did go through every log entry so far which took considerable time. The entries are now catagorised and stored in a more convenient format so we can update things in the future with less effort, we may even make a global page to view all change logs in the future. With this change none of the prior entries were removed so you can still scroll all the way back to 2017 if you're so inclined.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.