Time Zones added to the API output and Custom Rules

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Today we're announcing a new piece of data we're exposing through our API called time zones, this is as the name suggests a way for you to view the time zone of an IP address you're checking with our API.

We've added time zones because we see it providing a lot of benefits to our customers who want to tailor services to users within specific geographic areas without targeting their country or region.

Knowing a user's local time zone can be hugely beneficial to businesses, just like in our own everyday lives where we plan our day around specific times, so too do businesses. Until now customers have been reliant on the user's browser to show local times but this isn't always an available metric. Our API is not only used on websites where the browser can provide that information.

In addition to exposing the time zones in our API, we've also added it to the Custom Rule feature which means you can create conditions and condition groups which utilise time zones for targeting. We've chosen to follow the iana.org time zone format which means you can easily parse the time zones we provide using standard and common libraries within all major programming languages.

We've updated our API documentation including the test console to showcase the new data and we hope you'll experiment with it!

This feature began as a request from one of our customers which we felt had broad appeal and great synergy with the other data we already make available. If you have a great idea please get in touch via our contact page, we love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week!