Realtime QPS Display

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Today we've added a new feature to the dashboard which displays your queries per second in real-time. This is something we've wanted to add for a while but it wasn't until we recently rewrote our per-node caching system that it was possible to deliver on this feature.

And that's because with the billions of requests we handle trying to sample incoming queries can itself affect your maximum requests per second. Thus having a high performance read-through cache that can provide valid snapshots of rapidly changing data without slowing or denying changes to that same data was paramount to making this feature happen.

Image description

Above is a little gif we made showcasing the new QPS graph found at the top right of the stats tab within the dashboard and available to all customers with an account.

We think we've been able to create a beautiful and unobtrusive live display of your queries but if you do find it distracting you can click on the display to pause it. Like our other play/pause mechanics your choice will save to your browser and be maintained across visits.

So that's what we have for you today. We are working at the moment on a lot of backend changes but as you can see many of those do result in frontend improvements. This real-time display of your queries would not have been possible without the work we did on our caching system which itself was initiated as a result of our move to PHP 8.x that required various things to be rewritten.

We hope you really like the new display and as always thanks for reading and have a great week.