New North American Server Node Introduced

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As the service has continued to grow in North America we've continued to invest in new infrastructure to serve those users. Adding new servers to a region doesn't just enable more customers and increased performance, it also provides redundancy against server failures and network malfunctions.

For our new LETO node we've chosen a new datacenter in the United States and we're running this node from what is now the most powerful server in our cluster utilising AMD's EPYC 2 Rome architecture. Previously we've placed one other node in the US and two in Canada run by two different companies, this LETO node is now using a third company.

It's important to diversify infrastructure like we are doing, utilising not just different datacenters but placing them in different regions and having them run by different companies as it's possible for a singular entity to have unexpected downtime. It was only a few months ago that the biggest host in Europe had a total infrastructure failure lasting an entire hour, something we were insulated from due to our use of many different datacenter partners.

As we mentioned above Leto is now the most powerful node in our cluster. In node terms it's the equivalent of two previous North American nodes put together and we intend to make this our new baseline of performance when we upgrade our previous servers or add new ones.

We're still planning a future expansion into Asia with 3 server nodes but due to the chip shortage and the resultant high server prices we've as yet been unable to execute on that. We continue to look for good options though and will take this step when the time is right.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.