New design language & forthcoming API improvements!

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If you visit the homepage today you may notice it looks a lot different to the one we've been serving for almost two years now and that's because we felt it was time to iterate on our design language and follow some of the newer things we've been doing particularly in the customer dashboard.

We want things to not just look nice but be consistent so that all of our pages and the features found on them feel part of the same product. We decided to start with the homepage as it may be considered the most important page of a website when viewed by potential customers.

So what have we changed? Firstly we've changed our call-to-action section which draws your eye to use a wider but softer drop shadow and increased the radius on border edges. Both of these changes give the homepage a more pleasing and modern appearance.

In addition to that we've done away with needless single-pixel borders around some of the information we showed instead embracing white-space and using soft pastel backgrounds beneath important information such as our API URL and our Live API Result area.

But it isn't only the aesthetics we've improved as the live api area now includes buttons for some example addresses and the API URL now updates in real-time when you change the address you're checking. We feel both changes will help to make a much better first impression.

As we mentioned this is simply the first page of the site that is receiving our updated design language and it will be implemented on other pages soon too so make sure to check back for that!

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The other thing we wanted to talk about is a forthcoming improvement to the API, a huge change in-fact. Later this month we'll be enabling a new range of type responses for clean addresses so you can determine if an IP Address belongs to a residential address, business, wireless operator or hosting provider.

These new type responses have been on our roadmap for a very long time and it has taken considerable effort to provide this data with a high enough confidence level that it's not just usable but reliable. We first began writing code to implement this feature a little under a year ago and it has taken until now to reach a point where we feel it's ready.

But it's not just about the data itself as whilst we prepared to deliver this feature we went through the API and overhauled some of the ways we store and access metadata about all addresses (ISP, Location, Type, Threat etc). This was necessary to make available the new connection type information for all addresses, not just the bad ones. The resulting improved code will help us to deliver new kinds of metadata and in a more timely fashion in the future which is something customers are always asking us for.

The new clean type responses once available through the updated v2 API will be accessible like all our features to all customers whether you're on a free or paid plan. That means we'll be one of the only API's in the world offering location, provider, connection and anonymity information about IP Addresses for free. This is something we're unequivocal about, free matters and we are committed to our full-featured free offering.

That's everything we wanted to share with you today, please check back soon for another blog post where the new clean type feature will be going live. Thanks for reading and have a great week!