New Cluster Node: ZEUS!

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For some time we've been looking for a new server to add as a node within our cluster to replace ATLAS, one of our current nodes.

We added ATLAS to the cluster last year mainly as a way to get some more redundancy. The chances of three geographically separated servers going down at the same time is higher than two.

But as the queries have increased more than 10x what they were when we added ATLAS it has come time to let it go and for us to replace it with a more capable server.

Here are the specs of ATLAS, HELIOS and PROMETHEUS.

  • ATLAS: Core i3, 3.3GHz, 2 Cores, 2 Threads. 8GB of RAM. - 100Mbps network
  • HELIOS: Core i7, 3.4GHz, 4 Cores, 8 Threads, 16GB of RAM - 1Gbps network
  • PROMETHEUS: XEON E5, 3.6GHz, 16 Cores, 32 Threads, 64GB of RAM. - 400Mbps network

As you can see ATLAS is by far the weakest node and although it served its duty by giving us the redundancy we wanted it simply couldn't keep up with some of our more demanding features such as syncing customer statistics and the inference engine. It was essentially pegged at 95% to 100% CPU load practically all day, every day.

So instead of adding a forth node and keeping ATLAS we've decided to get rid of ATLAS and replace it with a brand new node. Here is the specification of the new ZEUS node.

  • ZEUS: XEON E3, 3.7GHz, 4 Cores, 8 Threads, 32GB of RAM. - 1Gbps network

The new node is online within our cluster right now and we will be removing ATLAS soon, perhaps even by the time you see this post. It has served us well and we say farewell to ATLAS!

We are still looking to add servers worldwide we may very well add a forth server later this year which is a similar specification to HELIOS or ZEUS.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!