Introducing the Account Activity Log

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Today we're excited to announce our new Account Activity Log feature. This tool provides a detailed record of all actions performed within your account, enhancing both transparency and security.

What does the Account Activity actually Log?

The Account Activity Log keeps track of all activities related to your account. From logins and password changes to adjusting custom rules and lists, or even changing email preferences, every action is documented. This feature ensures you have a clear overview of your account activity.

Below is a screenshot showing a small example of some events, with the launch 50 different events will be recorded here and we'll add more as new features launch.

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How to Access

Log into your dashboard and click on the new account activity button found in the top right of the settings tab. Here, you can view all recorded events starting from today in an organized manner.

Looking Ahead

The Account Activity Log is part of our ongoing effort to enhance your account security and control. We've also today added location data to the login emails you receive which will enhance account security.

Thanks for reading and we hope you're having a wonderful week!