Introducing Postcodes!

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Today we've updated our API (May 2022 branch) to support Postcodes. This has been an often requested feature going back multiple years and we're excited to finally launch it for everyone today.

Like all of our other location data accuracy is of the utmost importance to us and a difficult problem as the resolution of a location increases. We spent more than a year testing and verifying that the postcode data we'll be providing through our API is as accurate as our preexisting region and city data.

We also needed to be mindful of the security implications inherent in offering postcode data. Postcodes cover a much smaller physical area than city or town names and that invites privacy and security implications for those having their IP addresses checked.

To ease that concern we'll be providing more resolution than city and town names but less resolution than street names, essentially our postcodes will be for the general area only and not for individual streets which we feel is a happy medium.

So that's the update for today, we know some of you really wanted this feature and will no doubt act fast to integrate it into your sites and services. We look forward to contacting many of you today to let you know that postcodes are now available.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week.