Introducing Easy Plan Alterations

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Today we've introduced a new feature to the customer dashboard that we know is going to be very popular. The ability for you to alter your paid plan at any time for both upgrading and downgrading with prorated pricing.

This means as your needs grow you can easily increase your plan size yourself while only paying the difference between your current plan and new plan or if your needs go down you can downgrade your plan and receive back a monetary credit which will be used against future invoices.

Prior to today you had to contact our support to have plan alterations performed for you and we know this was suboptimal, not only did it add friction for customers wanting to alter their plans but it increased our support burden.

We did in-fact start to implement this feature during the height of the COVID pandemic where we saw very high plan increase requests due to more people working and spending time at home on the internet resulting in higher query usage by the websites and services utilising our API. And although other features began to take precedence we're very happy to finally bring this feature to fruition.

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And we certainly think it was well worth the wait to implement it properly, as can be seen in the screenshot above it's very easy to change plans. We know that many companies make it easy to start a plan but they don't always make it easy to downgrade or cancel. The dreaded "contact our support" to facilitate a downgrade or cancellation often leads to an annoying sales pitch.

We fully reject this way of doing things which is why we've added not just the ability to upgrade your plan but also downgrade with credit being applied to your account balance that will be used automatically for future invoices.

In addition to upgrading and downgrading plans you can also switch from monthly to yearly or yearly to monthly plans. So if you've been a customer for a long time paying monthly you can now easily switch to paying yearly for our 8.33% discount.

One last thing to mention, if you do happen to have a balance credit this will now be shown in your dashboard along the top information bar so you can keep track of any funds you have to be used for future payments.

Thanks for reading and we hope everyone is having a great week!