Introducing Dark Mode

Today we're pleased to announce the introduction of an often requested feature, dark mode. For a long time now we've been wanting to deliver dark mode and we've even converted several pages to a dark appearance in the past to see how that would look and ultimately we decided to move forward with a full commitment to this feature.

Image description

We first thought about doing it after the popular PVB plugin for WordPress which integrates our API gained support for dark mode. But as our site is very complicated we knew it would take a lot of time and effort to do it correctly. The most difficult part was of course the customer dashboard which code wise is a behemoth of complexity with many unique user interface elements that required special consideration.

And of course we didn't want to just make some of the site dark, it had to be a full transformation and that meant going through some frankly ancient code and bringing it up to par. Even screenshots within our api documentation pages and the preview images on our homepage needed to be remade in both light and dark versions and then automatically change when the user switches between themes.

Choosing the right colour palette for every page was also difficult and we'll continue to tweak things as we did with our default light theme so any colours that look a little off will likely be corrected in time as we go through our normal iterative design process.

We know some of you have been using browser plugins to darkify websites like our own which didn't offer a native dark mode, we welcome you to disable those and check out what we've been able to do with a tailored approach. Hopefully it won't disappoint the dark mode enthusiasts among you.

So that's todays update, to activate dark mode simply click the little two-toned circle button found in the top right of all pages. And if you are already using the dark mode available within your operating system then our site will detect and use dark mode by default unless you override it by using the provided button.

Thanks for reading and we hope everyone is having a wonderful week.