Introducing Currencies to the API and documentation improvements

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Today we've introduced a new version of the API dated 14-Jan-2023 (selectable from within your dashboard) which adds currency information to the API output. This is a beta feature which is why this new API version is not selected by default for users who have selected "Latest Version" from the API selector dropdown.

With this new API version when you check an IP and have the asn flag enabled (&asn=1) you'll receive local currency information for the IP you're checking. This includes the ISO code, name and symbol for the currency.

As it's a beta feature we are looking for your feedback including bug reports, incorrect data and so forth. With the new feature, we've also added a new flag called &cur=0/1 which lets you disable or enable this data in the API result. By default when using &asn=1 the currency information is shown and if you don't want it, you can supply &cur=0 to disable it.

In addition to the new currency feature, we've also added a new resources section to the website which we're beginning to fill with useful information that customers may need to better utilise our API or integrate our data with their services. The first resource we're launching with is geographical data, specifically lists of continents and countries that you can expect to see in our API responses.

You can view that new section on the updated API documentation page found here.

That's all the updates we have for you today, we hope you'll take the time to try the new API version and let us know what you think! - Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.