Introducing Burst Tokens!

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Today we've launched a major new feature called Burst Tokens which allow our customers to make even greater use of their plans without needing to lift a finger.

For a long time we've had customers coming to us with a simple problem. Most of the time their usage fits within their plan size but sometimes they have bursts of activity which go beyond their plan size. This is a problem because it doesn't make economic sense to increase your plan size just for those one or two days a month when you need a few more queries.

This scenario plays out fairly often especially with websites that receive unexpected viral traffic and game servers which are often targeted by DDoS attacks from disgruntled players.

So to solve this problem for our customers we've introduced Burst Tokens which while active allow you to go over your daily allowance by five times until the next daily reset time. And best of all the tokens are redeemed on your behalf automatically when you go over your daily allowance.

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You'll receive tokens on the 1st of every month and only a single token can be consumed each day with the plan you have dictating how many tokens you're granted. For our free customers on our 1,000 daily query plan they are given one token to use each month while our Starter plans get 3, our Pro plans (as illustrated above) get 5, our Business plans get 6 and our Enterprise plans get 7.

As we said above you can go over your daily allowance by 5 times when a token is consumed. So if you're on our first paid tier which is our 10,000 daily query plan and you happen to go over that, a token will be automatically redeemed and your daily allowance for the remainder of that day will be 50,000 queries.

At this point you're probably wondering if this is a new paid feature and actually it's not. All past, present and future customers with an account will have access to the new token feature and in-fact by the time you're reading this you'll be able to see your available tokens in your customer dashboard. We've also updated our usage dashboard API endpoint with burst token availability.

And so that's all there is to it, a free upgrade on us to help supercharge the plan you already have. But don't worry, we'll still send you normal usage emails when you go over your plans daily allowance but they'll now also detail if a burst token was used so you know if it's time to upgrade your plan or if it's just a spike in usage that your tokens can handle.

With the launch of this feature we have released a new version of our API v2 dated November 17th. If you already have your version set to use the latest stable API version you will be using this version of the API automatically, otherwise you can select it within the customer dashboard. We're not expecting any implementation breakages but some of the status code messages have changed wording to indicate if a burst token has been consumed or not.

If you have any questions about the new feature as always contact us, we love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, stay safe and have a wonderful day!