COVID-19 and

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Hello everyone

As you are all likely aware by now the world is currently gripped by a global pandemic caused by an infectious disease known as COVID-19. As of right now many countries are in lock-down and many more are in the process of shutting all non-essential travel to slow its spread.

At we operate in such a country that is currently in lockdown and all non-essential travel is no longer permitted here, please don't worry about us though we're doing perfectly fine working from home.

Over the past few weeks you may have noticed our live support chat has been unavailable and we've only been accepting support requests sent to us via email. This is directly due to the disease as our live support staff have been told to stay home for the safety of themselves and their families.

At the same time due to so many people around the world staying home due to the disease the volume of queries we're handling has increased quite significantly. Our daily peak traffic hasn't changed too much but the surrounding low-periods have increased to meet our peaks. We have more than enough capacity for this extra traffic and so the service has remained completely stable.

However this increased traffic has lead to an extra burden on our lowered support presence as many of our customers have been upgrading their plans to get access to more daily queries and these plan alterations are currently done manually by our staff. In-fact we've seen more customers upgrade their plans in the past two weeks than in the previous several months combined.

And so that's where we are today. The service is handling its extra traffic fine, we're still continuing to work on everything and support is still available via email like normal, although replies may be a little more delayed than usual. The live support chat isn't currently available but feel free to use it when you see it accessible again.

Looking to the near future we hope this disease will be under control soon, it hurts us deeply to see so many suffering. And please do listen to your countries officials and heed all their advice just like we're doing here at

Thanks for reading and stay safe!