API updated with new type responses

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Today we've launched an update to our v2 API which includes new type responses including Residential, Wireless, Hosting and Business. These new type responses are to help you create better custom rules that target specific connection types beyond just the ones we've determined to be proxies or virtual private networks.

We'd like to focus just on one of those new types for a moment, it has been a long requested feature that we identify wireless connections because many customers have problems with malicious users who utilise wireless access points to get around IP bans. This has been because it's very easy to acquire a wireless connection and it's even easier to get a randomised IP Address from a cellular network provider.

And so we've added that type response alongside residential, hosting and business. Like all our types you shouldn't expect a type response to always be there as we won't show you any kind of generic or default response if we don't actually know what kind of a connection an IP is utilising.

In addition to this change we've also made a lot of back-end changes to how the API functions, specifically around storing and retrieving data (which includes our new type information even for clean addresses and location data) and also how the API is initiated on our webserver including API sub-versioning which isn't yet exposed to customers but we are using it internally and it is our intention to make it available to customers in some manner in the future.

So as of right now the new types are live which means you can build custom rules within your dashboard to utilise them immediatly. We've already updated our API documentation ahead of todays launch as-well including the test console where you can try it out in your web browser.

Thanks for reading and happy querying!