3rd Party Software and the proxycheck.io API

Since we started the API there have been a few enquiries about our policy on third parties producing software that integrates our API. And specifically do we allow you to then sell that software.

So we thought it would be a great idea to explain our policy on this and our general thinking. Firstly yes we completely allow it, you are free to make any software you want that integrates our API and we are more than happy for you to sell your software with our API integrated into it. You do not need to contact us first and ask permission. Simply make whatever it is you want to make.

Of course we would like you to provide some way for your users to input an API key from proxycheck.io into your software. That way they can manage their proxy/vpn checking from the dashboard on our website.

Our reasoning for allowing others to produce third party software is that it's just good business sense. We cannot possibly author all the software ourselves that would benefit from a good proxy detection API. So encouraging other developers to build our API into their software is in our best interest.

But it's also a good deal for 3rd party developers because you don't need to worry about running a complicated always available API. You can simply build and charge for the client software you make. And we're not doing any split revenue structure so you do not owe us a penny for anything you make which uses our API.

And in-fact to assist you in broadening your softwares audience we are featuring 3rd party software on our example page. So if you've made something that uses our API and you give your users the ability to input a proxycheck.io API key then we are more than happy to feature it on our example page, simply email us with a link to your code example, application, plugin, function or SDK - If it uses our API we'll feature it.

To that end we today added three new 3rd party applications to the examples page that utilise our API. We hope to add many more and perhaps even your application will be featured soon. Thanks for reading!