Risk Score100% - VERY DANGEROUS
Hostname resolving...
Organisation Tmnet, Telekom Malaysia Bhd
Continent Asia
Country Malaysia
Region Kuala Lumpur
Time Zone Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
City Kuala Lumpur
Postcode 50502
Loc 3.139,101.687
Last Seen 14 minutes, 26 seconds ago

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Last update: 10th of April 2024
10th of April 2024
Removed references to Maxminds GeoIP database on our threat pages as we no longer use their data for country lookups.
29th of February 2024
Added support for paging through IPv6 addresses in addition to IPv4 ones. Altered the hostname lookup on the threat pages to use our internal API resolver.
24th of January 2024
Added CIDR ranges and Postcodes for data presented on threat pages about specific IP addresses.
28th of April 2023
Corrected an issue where viewing a specific addresses threat page while being logged into an account could erroneously show the view unmodified result button even if the result hasn't been modified.
10th of April 2023
When pasting in an IP address to the lookup field it will now remove any erroneous spaces, adding compatibility with third party services.
24th of March 2023
Corrected the map loading blank on specific address pages due to a change in business model of Mapbox, our previous map provider.
19th of March 2023
Corrected a display issue where the site navigation dropdown when viewing on a small display would load beneath the map on threat pages.
31st of August 2022
Added support for displaying the Time Zone of the IP address being checked.
15th of July 2022
Added support for displaying the Organisation name of the IP address being checked.
7th of January 2022
Added a display toggle to the top of specific threat pages when the result shown has been modified by settings within your dashboard. This toggle allows you to view the original unmodified result.
2nd of December 2021
Added rich operator cards detailing which VPN companies are operating an address with specific information about the operator.
10th of November 2021
The page theme was updated to our new Glass theme for both light and dark modes.
25th of February 2021
Added automatic data refreshing to the threat homepage allowing for the page to be left open to monitor emerging threats.
24th of February 2021
Improved the display of addresses lacking country or network information. Added support for Open Graph Meta Tags to specific address threat pages which provides rich previews for Facebook, Twitter, Discord and other services when they link to an addresses threat page.
15th of February 2021
Altered the hosting provider detection to make it more clear that the address could be a potential VPN. Changed the risk score that shows when a hosting provider without any attacks is detected to be the same as the API reported value.