Custom Rules Enhancements

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Today we've enhanced the custom rules feature found within the customer dashboard to support two new conditions and to display the last modified time on your rules thus helping you to keep track of why a rule was made.

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The new last modified time looks like the screenshot above, we were able to fit in the modified time without altering the height of the rules which is important when you have many and need to scroll through them quickly.

When saved or toggled whether individually or when using the global controls the last modified time will update on the page in real-time.

In addition to this we've added two new condition types which are Greater than or equal to and Lesser than or equal to. Both of these conditions join our previous Greater Than and Lesser Than conditions but allow slightly expanded functionality so you can use one condition to cover two scenarios and without needing to test how our interpretation of Greater or Lesser is implemented.

We've also made some efficiency changes to how custom rules are applied within our API resulting in lower response times to your queries especially when you use many conditions that compare numbers in your rules.

Support for these new conditions have been applied to all v2 API versions starting from June 2020 all the way to the current August 2021 dated version so you can use the new condition types immediately and without changing your selected API version.

Thanks for reading and we hope everyone is having a great week!